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Neil Young x 6 - Get Some Horizontal Crazy

If you’re leaning a little too much on bluesy triplets and string wiggles, then Neil is here to help.

The epic melody man has an insane alter ego when it's time to go electric (blame Link Wray). Standard major/minor scales (with a little blue note magic) can come off like pounding hurricanes and twisting I-beams.

You can't duplicate his sound, but listen carefully and try to catch some air.

Above: "Country Home" (G major - open strings are wild).

"Over And Over" (G major - focus on the melody).

"Rockin' In The Free World" (Learn the song - then try to catch the solo concept - no noodles allowed).

"Down By The River" This would be the definition of "jam."

"Like A Hurricane" Building a solo until it gets it's own weather system (starting to ramp in at about 5:30).

Just glad you weren't asked to be a guest soloist on this one. From: Bob Dylan -The 30th Anniversary Concert, 1993.


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